Build your own.

Be creative, seriously! One of the great things about the Perform-X is, it's a tool that can be manipulated to work for whatever you want. Double-up the shooting gates on one base with multiple guides, two grass bases with four gates and two guides, whatever you can think up you can create. Let your creative juices flow.

Standing at 95" tall and an outside diameter of 1.225", the shooting gate is a special polycarbonate blend that allows for long lasting use and flexibility when contact is made.

Shooting Gate


If you're not training with padded gloves, the shooting gate pad is a nice addition to your training set. The dense foam is designed to avoid the little pains that may occur when hand contact is made.

Shooting Gate Pad


41 lbs and 24" x 12", the turf base is the most reliable base there is. No more filling up cheap plastic bases with water - this is a high quality base with stainless steel pegs for the shooting gate.

Turf Base


With offset spikes and stainless steel shooting gate pegs, the grass base is perfect for any field or back yard. Super light and tough, the grass base is extremely reliable and effective

Grass Base


Maybe you don't want two shooting gates to shoot between. If so, the guide is the perfect partner to one gate. At 4" wide and 48" long, the guide does exactly that - guide you.