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At DEFY we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe that with intentional training and perseverance, everyone has the ability to master their game. Throughout history, and even today, athletes are measured and ranked based on indirect performance metrics such as bench press, high jump, or the 40 yard dash. The problem though, is that time and time again, the correlation between these standard measurements and the true effectiveness on the field is nearly insignificant. So what is significant? What truly separates the good goal scorers from the greats? Well, we set out to find the answer, and after loads of research, testing and optimizing, we’re convinced that we’ve nailed it. It turns out, the scoring part is an art, but to be a great artist, you need a rock solid base to support your creativity.

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DEFY training camps are skill-specific. We immerse our attendees in the art of shooting. Utilized by top programs, learning how to turn your shots into goals is what we're known for.


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‍‍‍‍‍DEFY products‍‍‍ are designed to enhance one's innate ability to perform specific skill-sets. Our sole objective is to create the opportunity to train more efficiently, and more often.


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DEFY Solutions comprises an array of online training platforms. One for coaches, one for players, and one-on-one training with DEFY founder Ryan Small.

DEFY Solutions

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Program Partnership is the most exclusive way to work with DEFY. Get your staff and players on the same page in or to optimize your team's shooting performance.

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