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Preparing to finish is something commonly misunderstood and rarely practi‍‍‍ced. When most athletes go to learn a skill they believe they are adding to their game. However, to truly excel one needs to cut the fat and get down to the bear bones of what creates a desired outcome. We apply the S.C.C.C. method: Simplicity = Clarity = Confidence = Creativity. The best finishers in the world operate on a very simple, but sophisticated level.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Master The Psychology Of Finishing

“Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
- Seneca

One of our favorite things about this program is our ability to work with other coaching staffs. We don’t come in, “fix” your players, and call it a day. We take everything we have learned and share it with both your coaches and players. We want to know that when we consult with a program we are instilling a tool set that can be accessed long after we leave.


“Success is better shared.”
- C.S. Lewis

Field Setup

**The above is a typical field setup, but is not required. Goals, balls, backstops, and other miscellaneous items provided by hosting party.**

  • Two days‍‍‍
  • 3 hours/day on-field training with athletes
  • Day two: level 2 shooting
  • 2 hours seminar/classroom work with staffTraining program for coaches
  • One Throttle shooting aid ($500 value)

‍‍‍Option #2: Evolution‍‍‍‍‍‍

‍‍‍The DEFY Lacrosse Shooting Academy Program Partnership is designed for those committed to learning how to shoot at the highest level. Limited to an exclusive group of teams, the program partnership provides the unprecedented opportunity to work with the #1 shooting program in the country.

The Defy™ shooting program has been tested and refined for over a decade. After consulting with, and creating training equipment for many of the nations top lacrosse programs, DEFY Founder Ryan Small created Program Partnership to spread the games best shooting methodologies to teams dedicated to becoming great.

Now, with a system solely dedicated to training coaches and players in the art of shooting, we are able to implement a system into teams that coaches and players can take with them on their journey.

Unlike many camps and skills development companies, Program Partnership is not dedicated to entertaining the athlete. We care about one thing, turning shooters into finishers.

In this system your team and staff will learn about the direct connection between the mind and body, and lea‍‍‍rn how to identify and destroy habitual problems that prevent shooters from scoring.

Labeling, thematic principles, and proper human movement will be the pillars from which you learn to derive information and apply to any problem.

Last but not least, t‍‍‍his is a full immersion program. Massive results come from massive action, and massive action requires immersion.


Insurance (standard team insurance)

Minimu‍‍‍m of one goal per 15 athletes

Balls (minimum of 1 bucket of balls per goal)

Backstops (if available)

1 coach per every 10 to 20 athletes

Email list of all attendees

25% deposit to reserve date and time

All program partnership options require the following


Because emotions and thoughts impact physical output, understanding how to move is crucial. A common excuse for poor performance is lack of talent. In reality, the “more talented” athlete moves correctly more often than the “untalented” athlete. The nervous system fires and recognizes proper movement patterns to create an outcome. Your players and staff will learn how to apply this understanding on a physiological level.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Master The Physiology Of Shooting

  • One day
  • 3 hours on-field training with athletes
  • 1 hour seminar/classroom work with coaching staff
  • Training program for coaches
  • One Throttle shooting aid ($500 value)

‍‍‍Option #1: Odyssey‍‍‍

‍‍‍Program Partners‍‍‍hip

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