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July 24

Lake Oswego, OR

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June 15

Austin, TX (Youth)

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August 11

Houston, TX

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July 12

Round Rock, TX

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July 19

Lindon, UT

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August 26

Churchville, MD

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July 15

Las Vegas, NV

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June 19

St. Louis, MO

More power. More efficiency. More goals.

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July 11

San Antonio, TX

Shooting Immersion is a fully immersive clinic/camp specifically designed to help you unlock the true potential you have as a shooter. Through our teachings of mental frameworks and proper bio-mechanics you will learn how to surpass any limitations to achieve your goals and take control of your shot. Ultimately, you will transform from a shooter to a finisher! This is the most in-depth shooting analysis and player breakdown in the industry.

Shooting Solutions


Our objective is not to fit the human to the skill, but rather fit the skill to the human. All humans are designed to move the same, and understanding proper reflex arcs and movement patterns will take you to a whole new level.

The Finisher's Mindset

Understanding the mindset of a true finisher is key. At Shooting Immersion we walk you through the steps of understanding what it takes to shoot efficiently, and how to focus on what matters.


Some events offer a VIP option. Here, we spend an extra hour with our VIP signups that include a more personalized player breakdown analysis which includes some video feedback. Limited to 10 athletes per event.


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"PP" symbolizes Program Partnership. This is a privately hosted event. Occasionally, the hosting party chooses to open up registration to the public. Registration for these events are usually done through a third party and you may be directed to another site for registration.

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"In my 23 years of coaching I have never seen this level of instruction."

Dennis Yeatman

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June 15

Woodinville, WA