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Dodging, feeding, shooting, and all things offense!

Defy has rolled out it's new Offensive Immersion camp!

Offensive Immersion


November 23

Boys | ages 10-22


Marrimack Extension Turf Field

3475 Ivy Ave. Huntsville AL 35805

Price: $115

Offensive Immersion is a fully immersive clinic/camp specifically designed to help you unlock the true potential you have as an offensive threat. Through our teachings of mental frameworks and proper bio-mechanics you will learn how to surpass any limitations to achieve your goals and take control of your shooting, feeding, dodging, and much more. This is the most in-depth analysis and player breakdown in the industry.

Offensive Solutions

Understanding the mindset of a true offensive player is key. At Offensive Immersion we walk you through the steps of understanding what it takes to play efficiently, and how to focus on what matters.

Our objective is not to fit the human to the skill, but rather fit the skill to the human. All humans are designed to move the same, and understanding proper reflex arcs and movement patterns will take you to a whole new level.

"In my 23 years of coaching in San Diego I haven't seen this level of coaching. Players of all levels will benefit from this expertise and we're extremely excited to be partnered with DEFY!"

Dennis Yeatman - Navy Alum, Starter of San Diego Lacrosse

In Their Own Words

"We use the Throttle when working on shooting mechanics. I believe it's one of the best new innovations in lacrosse!"

Bill Tierney - 6x NCAA Champ & Head Coach at Denver

"The ability to dissect and communicate a deep understanding of lacrosse is what separates DEFY from the pack."

Andy Towers - 4x AA & Lacrosse Legend

"If you love the game and truly want to get better, DEFY will make it happen!"

Rick Sowell - Head Coach, Navy

"Their knowledge and the ability to transfer this knowledge to the future of lacrosse has made DEFY worth the trip each and every time. Whether it's one on one instruction or camps, their programs are top notch!"

Tim Bannon - Father

"DEFY's innovative approach is helping ‍elevate players to a new level. comparable to what we've seen Steve Clarkson do with the NFL's best quarterbacks, they have proven to be the authority in shooting."

Tim Draper - Father

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Huntsville, AL | Boys | Nov. 23