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Hello and welcome to the Defy team! My name is Ryan Small and I'm the Founder of Defy Athletix. I'm a former Loyola and U. of Maryland player and here at Defy we're obsessed with individual performance (don't ask us about X's & O's because we don't know about that;-). We have assembled a team of what I believe to be the best individual player coaches in the game. Though we have coaches from great college programs, that's not what we care about - we hire great TEACHERS. These coaches are all trained in the Defy system, and at the highest level. Please note that because our camps run nation-wide not every coach is at every camp. Camp attendance and location determine which coaches are at what camp. Each coach is a specialist in shooting or goalie work and inherently understands the Defy systems which ensures that every camper receives the best instruction available.

Feel free to browse their bios below and best of luck in your pursuit of excellence!


Ryan Small

Co-Founder, CEO

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Co-Founder / Managing Partner