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At Defy we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe that our customers should be provided with training regimens and training tools that amplify their innate ability to perform skill-sets specific to their position. In a world where there’s an overflow of recruiting events and generic camp services that provide surface-level instruction, we dive deep. We feel there’s a much better way to provide training that’s specific to player’s needs, and truly creates the opportunity for improvement.  In short, we don’t help you get recruited - we help you get good enough to be recruited.

We are specialists. Currently, we provide two types of services, goalie immersion and shooting immersion. Though much of our staff have played at the highest levels, what makes them effective trainers is their understanding of their craft, and their ability to implement proven training methodologies designed to help offensive players score more goals, and goalies save more shots.

In addition to our premium service offerings, we create training products designed to help keep athletes moving properly. They allow players and coaches to maintain proper human movement while performing skill-sets specific to their needs.

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Defy training camps are skill-specific. For field players, we immerse attendees in the art of shooting. For goalies, we immerse attendees in proper mechanics, angles, and the nuances that separate the average goalies from the great ones. Utilized by top programs, Defy is known for teaching methodologies that actually work.

‍‍Defy products are designed to enhance one's innate ability to perform specific skill-sets. Our sole objective is to create the opportunity to train more efficiently, and more often.

Defy Solutions comprises an array of online training platforms. One for coaches, one for players, and one-on-one training with a Defy trainer.

Program Partnership is the most exclusive way to work with Defy. Get your staff and players on the same page to optimize your team's shooting and/or goalie performance.