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In Their Own Words

Rick Sowell Head Coach, Navy

"If you love the game and truly want to get better, DEFY will make it happen!"

"This system not only possesses a deep understanding of skill work, but also has the creative outlook and innovative training techniques to take the game and the players into the next generation!"

Bill McGlone 3x All-American, University of Maryland

"I have seen first hand this system’s effect on players. It is taught clearly and in an infectious way. If you need help improving your game then this is a must!"

Jeff Reed 2x State Champion Coach

"We use the Programmer when working on shooting mechanics. I believe it's one of the best new innovations in lacrosse!"

Bill Tierney 6x NCAA D1 Champion Coach

"Their knowledge of skill development and the ability to transfer this knowledge to the future of lacrosse has made DEFY worth the trip each and every time. Whether its one on one instruction or camps, their programs are top notch!"

Tim Bannon Father

"In my 23 years of coaching in San Diego I haven't seen this level of coaching. Players of all levels will benefit from this level of expertise and we're extremely excited to be partnered with DEFY!"

Dennis Yeatman Navy Alum | Starter of San Diego Lacrosse

"My players love using the Programmer. Quite simply, it's the new standard for shooting. I recommend this for players of all levels!"

Greg Cannella Head Coach, Umass

"DEFY's innovative approach to shooting is helping ‍elevate players to a new level. Comparable to what we've seen Steve Clarkson do with the NFL's best quarterbacks, they have proven to be the authority in skill acquisition."

Tim Draper Father & Coach

"Having known Ryan Small for many years, I can attest to his knowledge of the game, but more importantly to his ability to create great systems. Clearly, Ryan’s playing resume speaks for itself. However, I believe his programs are a huge asset to our sport!"

Andy Towers 3x All-American, Brown University

"I believe this system is as good as you can find when is comes to shooting, period!"

Corey Coffman Loyola University Alumni

"I was a good player before working with Defy, but after a few weeks in this program, my game, and especially my shooting, to the next level and made me great. The vast knowledge behind this system allows a player to see their full potential."

Bo Redpath Midfielder, Bryant University

Dave Huntley   Lacrosse Hall of Fame | Johns Hopkins '79

"This is the real deal. There's so much that goes into skill development that most people and programs never consider. DEFY Athletix addresses specific details and nuances that will not only dramatically help your game, but teach you the finer points that will take anyone to a higher level."